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  • Soul Flame Yoga 25 Woods Street Beaconsfield Australia (map)

We are excited to announce our new monthly Sound Bath Healing Meditation (First Saturday of each Month starting this February).


You’re invited to Peta’s unique evening sound bath of meditation music – a sound healing journey of peace and transformation!

Includes soothing tones, notes, vibrations and healing frequencies of beautiful and abundant high quality singing bowls PLUS gongs, chimes and native flute.

Binaural beats entrain your brainwaves down to deep relaxation states and powerful soundwaves will permeate your whole body and mind, dissolving tension, blockages and stress. All matter has electrical frequency, including human beings, and our busy, stressful lifelstyles can knock our vibrations off course. Sound healing instruments restore and recalibrate our frequencies and vibrations.

Easy meditation without dogma. Delightful healing utilising sound and ancient methods, currently gaining popularity and a growing body of evidence.

With Positive Music sound bath meditation you’ll be taken on a sound healing journey, to calm your mind, connect your heart and nurture your body. 

Are you looking for more peace and tranquility in your life? Wanting to relax let-go and be more positive and physically feel better? 

The peaceful sounds of a sound bath, meditation music with ancient healing instruments and guided meditation will have you letting go of tension and help you feel energised, re-balanced and nurtured. 





A healing sound bath is deeply relaxing, rejuvenating meditation music that nourishes your mind, body and spirit – allowing pure sound vibrations to wash over you.


Sound healing vibrations of the quartz crystal singing bowls, harmonious gongs and Tibetan bowls, gentle percussive sound of the hoop drum and ambient native flute, will leave you with a sense of peacefulness and well-being.


Positive music sound baths are a great stress reliever! As you relax into the present moment, and settle into stillness, all stress melts away.

Namaste xx