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“Igniting the imagination

of young souls”


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The Junior Soul Flame -  "Soulful Kids Circle" is a unique program designed to grow the Mind, Body and Spirit of our students by encouraging as well as nurturing an awareness of self-love and gratitude, providing a safe space and giving them the tools to navigate their busy lives with a positive mindset.

Each week our students will journey through the powerful benefits that Mindfulness, Movement, Meditation and Music can provide in their day to day lives.


Why Soul Flame Yoga?

  • Our Soulful Kids Circles are designed with a specific concept each week, ensuring that we are having lots of FUN but also learning something new and interesting each time we get together

  • We learn about both emotional and physical connection and touch and just how important this is in our lives

  • We grow little minds by practicing gratitude through discussions, actions and creative drawings

  • We use mindful breathing techniques and movements in our fun yoga poses and stories

  • We love to get creative with mindful activities tailored to our weekly concept, encouraging students to use all of their senses whilst on their learning journey!

  • We end our sessions with a beautiful guided meditation, where we learn how to let go of all of our worries and fears and ensuring that we leave the studio feeling calm and relaxed with a full and open heart!


Sign up today for TERM 4, this event will sell out quick!


What to bring and wear

  • Please ensure your little Yogi wears clothing suitable for physical activity. Children will need to have bare feet for participation in daily activities, however shoes and socks are also required. To ensure your little Yogi is hydrated, please bring along their favourite drink bottle.

To secure your Little Yogi's place

  • Payments and enrolment are made in advance as we have limited spots available each term. A registration form will also need to be completed prior or please arrive a little earlier on the first day of class to complete.

Can parents or guardians attend classes.

  • Kids Yoga is for “Kids”. We kindly ask for parents or guardians to wait in reception or arrive 5 mins prior to class completion. Maybe enjoy a lovely coffee or cake downstairs at Soulful Foods :-) . Its a wonderful time for your child to interact with other children socially.

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